Columbia Art Center
6100 Foreland Garth, Columbia, Maryland 21045

Since 1987, Columbia Art Center has been a vital art school and prestigious exhibit venue with two airy galleries. It is located in one of the village centers and receives a continuous amount of traffic.

2022 Columbia Arts Center Exhibit Awards

  • 1st Place The Marianne Hollis Award $200
  • 2nd Place The Jean Ranney Smith Award $150
  • 3rd Place The Betty Wise Award $100
  • Honorable Mention The Mary Talbot Rieckert Award $50
Application deadline ends in

Commission to CAC: 40 % (factor this in when pricing your work)
While all reasonable care will be taken, the Working Artists Forum and Columbia Art Center and their assigns are not responsible for accidents or damage to you or your work. The Working Artists Forum is not responsible for any monetary losses, including bad checks or credit cards used in the purchase of any art.