Local Color 2021

Easton Plein Air Art Competition and Art Festival

Mary Ford, Chair
For more information contact: maryhford@gmail.com

For over a decade, Working Artists Forum has presented a very high caliber juried art show entitled Local Color in coordination with the Avalon Foundation’s Plein Air Easton. Unfortunately, in July 2020, Local Color was cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. This year, in 2021, we are excited to offer Local Color once again, in the beautiful Parish Hall of Easton’s Christ Church. Christ Church is located across the street from The Academy of Art and The Waterfowl Building, two magnificent venues for Plein Air Easton. This year Local Color will be open to the public July 14-17. To assure everyone’s safety, all patrons must be masked and practice social distancing.

Dates/Hours: Wednesday, July 14, 1-5pm; Thursday, July 15 and Friday, July 16, 10am-5pm; Saturday, July 17, 10am-8pm

These are the exhibiting artists for Local Color 2021:

Sandra Alanko
Jane Anderson
Maggy Aston
Carole Boggemann-Peirson
Jean Bowers
Katie Cassidy
Mary Clark Confalone
Carol Cowie
Fred Craig
Geraldine Czajkowski
Nancy Lee Davis
Donna M. Finley
Mary Ford
Rhonda Ford

Gerilyn Gaskill
George Hamilton
Patti Lucas Hopkins
Betty Huang
Roberta Ingram
Jane Knighton
Kathleen Kopec
Marianne Kost
Mary Ellen Mabe
Carol McClees
Laura McGowan
Carol Meers
Diane Mullaly
Abigail Ober

Kathleen Quinn
Christine Rapa
Jim Rehak
Paul E. Santori
Maggii Sarfaty
Anne Singer
Sheryl Southwick
Sarah Stolte
Scott Sullivan
Nancy R. Thomas
Stephen Walker
Barbara Harr Watson
Judith Weaver
Barbara Zuehlke