Easton, MD

Maryellyn Lynott, based in Easton, Maryland, creates acrylic paintings that evoke the ruggedness, elegance and idyllic simplicity of life around the water on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Maryellyn has studied painting since the age of 8, beginning with her tutelage under Dan Mistrik — centering on the Old Masters approach to light and blocking — and continuing later as an apprentice to the eclectic Giancarlo Impiglia in New York City. She earned her BFA in Painting and Illustration from Carnegie Mellon.

Because of her wide-ranging pallet of artistic skills and training, Maryellyn’s talents have been tapped for many applications, including stage set design, large scale murals, museum experiences, and commercial advertising. However, throughout her career, her focus has stayed true to her work, with many pieces from her painting portfolio gracing private homes and several public settings. In the past year, she has returned exclusively to her expressions on canvas. In 2020, she opened a new studio in Easton, Maryland, putting her closer to the waterways and seasons that inspire her work.